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Clown Town

Clown Town Title Screen

Clown Town Title Screen

Fifteen years have elapsed since the Circus Incident of 2024. The Clowns have grown in number and their influence has spread, corrupting the landscape with their cotton candy and offensively bright colors. You, a secret operative, have been dropped into one of the hot zones near the source of the original Circus infestation, tasked to retrieve a DNA sample and return to HQ.

You have been equipped with clown makeup as a disguise to evade the clowns’ wrath. However, rainclouds have been moving toward the region. Time is short. If the rain starts falling, your makeup will melt away, exposing you to the ire of the clowns. Avoid them at all costs and do whatever you can to keep your disguise intact long enough to complete your mission objectives. Good luck; the world is counting on you.

You can find more information over at the Global Game Jam website or play it online here.

About Casey O'Donnell

Casey O'Donnell is an Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Information at Michigan State University. He is part of the games faculty and Games for Entertainment and Learning (GEL) lab at MSU. He is also part of the game development collective Affinity Games. His research examines the creative collaborative work of videogame design and development. This research examines the cultural and collaborative dynamics that occur in both professional "AAA" organizations and formal and informal "independent" game development communities. His research has spanned game development companies from the United States to India. His research examines issues of work, production, copyright, as well as third world and postcolonial aspects of the videogame development workplace.

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