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The Flora: A game of long-lived Flora and their many Caretakers

The Flora Cover
The Flora Cover

The Flora is a meditative structured freeform game for 1-6 players, inspired by The Skeletons by Jason Morningstar, Artefact by Jack Harrison and A Feeling for the Organism by Evelyn Fox Keller.

In it you will play a long-lived plant, rooted in place, their history and responses to the elements, fauna, their
human caretakers and the human-shaped world. The game starts with fledgling Flora growing in our present day, you will feel the marks of human activity, the shifting seasons, and the changing climate as you adapt and grow, and eventually decay and die.

You’ll be answering questions, choosing options from tables, telling or writing stories about the Flora and the different caretakers in the Flora’s life, drawing and updating a map of the Lot on which they live, and drawing the Flora throughout their lifespan.

We hope you will develop a feeling for the Flora as you play.

Official Selection for the 2022 Meaningful Play Game Exhibition and winner of an Honorable Mention in the IndieCade 2022 Climate Jam.


About Casey O'Donnell

Casey O'Donnell is an Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Information at Michigan State University. He is part of the games faculty and Games for Entertainment and Learning (GEL) lab at MSU. He is also part of the game development collective Affinity Games. His research examines the creative collaborative work of videogame design and development. This research examines the cultural and collaborative dynamics that occur in both professional "AAA" organizations and formal and informal "independent" game development communities. His research has spanned game development companies from the United States to India. His research examines issues of work, production, copyright, as well as third world and postcolonial aspects of the videogame development workplace.

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