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GLITcH Title Screen

GLITcH Title Screen

So, sometimes I make things. Like Osy. Or I help with things, like Against the Gradient. Or like the in-progress Nurbits. But, this time around I decided to make something just for me. It started out as a reason to play with HTML5/JS/CSS and Ejecta. But, I wasn’t happy for a variety of reasons, so I went back to a current “fav” tool of mine, Corona

Welcome, to GLITcH or GILTcH as the Apple iOS store made me name it. Turns out you can’t have two Apps with the same name (because, yeah, with a billion + 1 apps out there, that hasn’t happened before… but whatever, I’ll stop whining. GLITcH is a pretty f*cking generic name anyway, right?).

The truth is, it is a PONG clone. Except I decided to make the typical bugs in a clone of PONG the point of the game. “Oh, that’s witty.” Bite me. I had more fun developing GLITcH than I did with many of the other projects that cross my plate. You can get GILTcH / GLITcH for iOS or Android.

GLITcH Play Shot

GLITcH Play Shot

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